Tuesday Jan 16

Joomla CMS Seminar

Empower your Community using Joomla CMS


To demonstrate the functions of the Joomla CMS as to how this GNU/Open-Source Web application can be used to manage dynamically the activities of a Community so that the members can organise into service groups, collaborate, communicate and manage the various resources of the Community.

At the end of the seminar, the participants should have a clear understanding of the various features of the Joomla CMS so that they can intelligently plan to make use of this CMS for their own Community.

After the seminar, the participants will have the option to:

  • get further information online, download, install and use Joomla.
  • sign up for a hands-on training course run by one of the Associates who will be a Joomla domain expert.
  • sign up for a Hosted & Managed Service provided by one of the Service Provider supporting this Community Portal.

Enhanced Joomla CMS:

During the seminar, we will demonstrated the capabilities using a Enhanced Joomla CMS with various components added to the base Joomla that adds on many functions that are useful in the Community environment. The hosting of the demo Joomla Portal will be provided by PlaNetTel.

Seminar Topics:

Following topics will be covered during the seminar:

  • What is Joomla ?
  • What is GNU License ?
  • Is Joomla a 'Free Web Application' ?
  • Membership Management
    • Visitor
    • Registered
    • Author
    • Editor
    • Publisher
  • Content Management
    • Service Sections
    • Service Categories
    • Service Articles
  • Restricting Content - Only Members
  • Activity Calendar
  • Gallery Pictures by Service
  • Streaming Audio
  • Mailing List by Service
  • Document Management
Seminar Schedule:

We are preparing to schedule the Seminars that will be conducted on week days in the evenings.
We will announce our schedule and sign up procedure as and when we are ready.

GNU Academy Team