Tuesday Jan 16


MySeat Application

Built from the ground up, mySeat is designed to make your restaurant reservation experience better and easier. With features like timecontrol, validation, and waitlist detection, mySeat keeps you reservations safer and faster.

  • Validation


    mySeat validates the reservation data. mySeat also corrects automatically all values or lets you only put in data which makes sense.

  • Intelligence


    mySeat remembers on old, critical and doublicate reservations. Reduce your risk of No-Shows! You will also get a hint while reserving large tables to choose a common menu.

  • Table Management


    mySeat has an easy to use table management to assign table number, status and seating. The table assignment still sits at the restaurant manager.

  • Time Control


    mySeat shows instanlty the occupany by time in a well-arranged bargraph. You see clearly the next timeslot to book, to prevent all guest coming at the same time.

  • Multilingual


    mySeat is designed to be multilingual and is available in English, German, French, Chinese, Italian, Spain, Dutch and Swedish.

  • Statistic


    The most significant key data is displayed as statistics to give you an overview over your outlets.

  • Notifications


    Guests get nice styled email notifications and confirmations.
    NEW: Get notifications on new bookings in real time.

  • Online Booking


    mySeat offers for the guests real time booking and cancellation pages with mobile version, as well as an integratable booking widget into your site.

  • History


    Every time you edit a reservation detail, mySeat remembers the authors name and the date. mySeat summarizes and show you a history about the guests preferences.

  • Information


    Publish info messages and special events. Gain maximum flexibility with in- and decreasing the capacity for every single day.