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KVM-VZ Host Platform

KVM-VZ Host Platform

GNU Academy supports the development of Open Source VPS Technologies. We actively contribute Templates to the GNU Community, that can be readily deployed in such VPS Platforms.

KVM-VZ Host is a PlaNetTel Virtual Appliance Platform currently based on the ProxMox VE project which is Open Source. Full KVM is supported using QEMU, while shared kernel containers rely on OpenVZ, both of which are open source as well. It has been Enterprise ready for quite some time now and is fully supported by PlaNetTel.

Currently we develop and supply Application Templates for KVM-VZ Host services provided by PlaNetTel.
Click HERE to view the Templates contributed by Mr.AP Muthu.
Click HERE to view a rich repertoire of OpenSource Applications that have been Templated for use with the device including third party submitted ones.

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Advantages of Virtualisation:
  • Optimal hardware Usage
  • Energy Efficient - Green Technology
  • Low manpower and less hardware
  • No installation, ready to use - most are auto/pre-installed on first boot
  • Reliable backup from GUI and restore from CLI
  • Cluster capable, Practically Zero downtime Migration
  • Multiple storage means
  • DOS, Windows, Linux - Debian and RedHat based Guests´╗┐

You may visit the DOWNLOAD section to view and download the
list of Applications available.

PlaNetTel's KVM-VZ Hosted Service:

PlaNetTel provides Commercially Supported Hosted Appliances using
platform for those who need reliable Hosted Service.

Hosted Service leverages on one or more of the following
OpenSource Technologies to provide a secure and reliable offering:

* OpenVZ Shared Kernel Virtualisation
* QEMU Full Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM)
* ProxMox VE Web GUI, Installer, Combined Kernel
* pfSense Firewall
* FreeNAS Network Attached Storage