Tuesday Jan 16

vTiger CRM Info

vtiger CRM Overview

vtiger CRM is a free, full-featured, 100% Open Source CRM software ideal for small and medium businesses, with low-cost product support available to production users that need reliable support.

vtiger CRM is a widely used product with thousands of users in dozens of countries.  It has a vibrant community of users driving the product forward, and contributing to it's development.  Over a million copies of vtiger CRM have been downloaded by our users.

vtiger CRM provides a complete set of CRM capabilities, such as

  • Sales force automation                    
  • Customer support & service                 
  • Marketing automation
  • Inventory management
  • Activity management
  • Security management
  • Calendaring
  • E-mail integration

vtiger CRM provides many extensibility and customization features to enable your CRM solution to meet the needs of your business.  In cases where you need new functionality to be added, the vtiger team provides customization services to meet the need.

We provide and maintain the vTiger CRM template for the OpenVZ community that will auto install on first boot of the Virtual Machine.